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Q. Can a waste compactor work outside?

Yes. All Kadant Paal's waste compactors are designed to work outside and come with IP rated electrical control boxes as standard. We can also supply the equipment with 'a vandal proof' cover for the control box.

Q. How can I load a waste compactor?

With all our waste compactors, you have several options and we can provide a solution that best fits your application.

Kadant Paal's waste compactors can be loaded with a FLT, by hand, by conveyor, chute and even with our bin lifting equipment, any waste container ranging from 120 - 1100 litres.

Q. What happens at the installation?

We undertake all our own installations with our highly experienced engineers. Our prices will generally include:

  • Delivery to site
  • Off loading by crane mounted vehicle or crane
  • Installation
  • Operator training & Certification

A site survey is undertaken prior to any delivery to ensure the delivery and installation is as smooth as possible and with the absolute minimum of disruption to you.

Q. What service options can I have?

We can offer a variety of service options, all designed to meet the needs of our customers, the equipment and the environment the machine is working in.


This is a fixed cost service agreement that covers all travel/labour and parts costs for the duration of the agreement, subject to fair wear and tear.

Service Agreement.

Our standard service agreements cover, a fixed number of service visits per year at a fixed cost.

Ad Hoc Service.

Customer are able to call our service department who will provide a reactive service to any type of breakdown or maintenance issue. The costs are based upon a fixed travel cost and an hourly rate. These costs can be quoted at the time of the service request.

Our service engineers are probably the most highly rated within our industry and operate from well stocked service vehicles.


Q. Why is it best to have mill-size bales?

Mill-size bales are generally recognised as the industry standard, but also are designed to ensure that maximum loads can be achieved during transportation.

A mill-size baler will also ensure you get the best possible market price for the material.

Q. What options do I have to acquire the equipment?

Once the specification and price of the equipment has been agreed, we can offer several method of acquiring our equipment:


Rental's are generally fixed over a 3 or 5 year period and include all costs, such as delivery, installation and service/maintenance visits.

Outright Purchase.

We are able to accept payment via cheque, BACS or credit cards.


There are many different options available with leasing or HP and we work closely with our approved finance supplier, whom will offer you a package that suits your business requirement.

Q. What are the Health & Safety issues with regards waste handling equipment?

All Dicom machines are designed and manufactured with operator safety our highest priority.

Equipment is supplied with the following standard safety features:

  • Emergency Stop
  • 24 Volt controls
  • Dual safety switches
  • Dual channel safety relays
  • Operator manuals supplied

Each machine come fully compliant to all current Safety Standards and CE Marked.

During installation full safety and operator training is provided by our highly experienced installation and service engineers.

Kadant Paal are active members of the HSE Group responsible for waste handling equipment.

Over the last 38 years, Kadant PAAL Limited has become the UK`s leading manufacturer and supplier of static and portable waste compactors. The waste compactors are designed and developed for durability, high performance and ease of operation. This is important to organisations wishing to reduce the frequency and cost of waste collections or where space and hygiene are important factors. This is achieved by significantly reducing the ratio of waste from its original volume. Dependent upon the type of material, a Dicom waste compactor can reduce the waste volume by a ratio of 4:1. This ensures that maximum payloads are achieved with each container. Kadant PAAL's portable waste compactors can be supplied with several standard options, such as: liquid retentive seals to prevent food waste leakage, bin lifting equipment for lug and comb type waste containers, choice of standard hopper – open splayed, enclosed, dock loading. The static compactors are also available with a range of hopper options and tipping mechanisms and are available in a range of sizes to suit all volumes. Our equipment can be seen working in almost any industry including manufacturing, retail, leisure, hospitals, restaurants, food production, HM Forces, transport, schools & colleges, warehousing and is often used by waste and recycling contractors to process materials such as cardboard, plastics, food and general waste. Our products meet a range of wide and varied requirements, including the latest health and safety standards, and we offer a range of payment options from outright purchase, rental or lease; so regardless of your waste handling needs, Kadant PAAL have the solution.